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What Kind of Toys Are Suitable for African Grey Parrots?

Toys for African Grey Parrots

The African Grey Parrot loves to explore new items and has an innate desire to shred things. Keep reading to learn more about toys for African Grey Parrots. Toys should be made of bird-safe materials. Avoid items with small crevices where a tiny toe may get caught. When providing rope toys, be sure that the toy can’t get wrapped around the bird’s neck or leg. Resist the urge to provide indestructible toys.

Your African Grey Parrot Feeding Guide:

african parrot feeding guide

Keep Your African Grey’s Diet As Varied As Possible
Like with all Parrots, your African Grey’s diet should be as varied as possible, we suggest using a complete or pelleted food as a base diet, approximately 60-80{273937b3e310f5c28db82a06554af3a08e5e7d7d55a404a3635b5d2d4aa7fe84} of their daily intake, with the remainder of the diet comprising of vegetables, sprouting seeds, fruits, nuts, seeds plus other treats

The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus E. Erithacus) Overview

african grey parrot overview

The African grey parrots are beautiful, majestic wild animals. They are also among the most popular bird species kept as a pet in the world where they are seen as an attractive pet due to their long life, ability to mimic human speech and overall intelligence. the African grey is a mottled grey colored, medium-sized parrot. The African Grey Parrot (Psittacus E. Erithacus) is a medium sized, hook bill, very intelligent parrot with a unique inquisitive personality and wonderful grey feather coloring. African Grey Parrots have an off white coloring around the eyes and above the care with scalloped grey feathers for the body. The tail feathers are a bright crimson red that is even more bold with the contrasting grey body. An African Grey preening its beautiful bright red tail feathers.

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